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two new poems

Well, after a long (baby) break, my writing brain seems to have turned back on. I've written two little poems in the past couple days, plus a story fragment (which I may post later) a week or so ago. Not much output, but something! Yay!

Yes, they are both rather snide, but at least there's one for each side!



a good safe word
for what we used to call sin
suitable for print in a family newspaper

if there were newspapers
these days

or families



Barack Hussein, 2008

"I don't like that Hoo-sane"
Said the woman on CNN
Summing up her West Virginia
"We've had enough Hoo-sane"
Primary demographic
Warm and round-faced
White grandmotherly
Working class under fifty-thousand
No college
But what's in a name?
Can't be Christian
With a name like that
Exotic enemy overseas
A little too black
Like coffee or chocolate
Without enough
Good white
For us folks

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